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The "BRANCHÉ" star of your holiday!

Without doors or a roof, the NOSMOKE is the ideal electric car for sunny holidays.

70 km/h

Thanks to its 600kg and its electric engine, the Nosmoke has a maximum speed of 70km/h.

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+100 km range

The moke "BRIGITTE" is powered by a lithium battery (capacity of 12 kWh) which allows a range of 110km: enough to go to the beach or to the restaurant with your hair in the wind!

It will take 2 hours to charge 80% of the battery.

Easy recharge!

Our vehicles can be recharged in 4 to 8 hours from a standard socket.


Automatic gearbox

A retro look but the comfort of a modern car!

The moke is equipped with an automatic gearbox, which makes it very easy to drive.

4 seats

Despite its small size, the Nosmoke easily carries 4 people. 

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L'usine de mini moke

Nosmoke is French !

Made in France in Cerizay (79) by the Kate company, it takes up the codes of the famous icon of the 1960s with exactly the same design, but with an electric motor.

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